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Feed Me: A-Listers Reach Out to ITV Host Whose Husband is in Hospital

Written by Chief Editor.

Kate Garraway has revealed that Elton asked how he could help after her husband, Derek Draper, was put into a coma due to coronavirus.

The Good Morning Britain presenter appeared on today's show to talk about her spouse's 100-day hospital battle.
Kate said: ''Elton John contacted me. It was so strange, he was like, 'Hi Kate, it's Elton.'
''I was like 'Elton . . . John?' It's so strange, we do have a mutual friend, which I didn't know about. And because of all the work he does with the AIDS foundation, he was like, 'What can I do to help? I know a bit about antirival stuff. And I'm on board, I'm on board, I'll try to help.'
''He's incredible., And I was so desperate. At this point it was really hard to communiate with the hospital, so I was like, 'yes, yes, please help!'
''I put the phone down and I like, 'I know this is extraordinary, but that was Elton John. And I think he's going to help.''
Kate, who has said that Derek has emerged from his coma and opened his eyes, also appreciated hearing from Robert Rinder and the Beckhams. The criminal barrister and TV personality has sent food packages, while David and Victoria Beckham have dispatched toys for Kate's two children.
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