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Artists Requesting That Politicians Stop Using Songs Without Permission

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton, Sia, Lorde, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, T Bone Burnett, Kurt Cobain's estate, Courtney Love, Pearl Jam, Elvis Costello, the B-52s and Lionel Richie are among the notables who have signed an open letter from the Artist Rights Alliance.

It's addressed to the Democratic and Republic national, congressional and senatorial committees, and asks all parties to put an end to appropriating popular songs for political purposes without authorisation.
''No politician benefits from forcing a popular artist to publicly disown and reject them,'' reads the letter. ''Yet these unnecessary controversies inevitably draw even the most reluctant or apolitical artists off the sidelines, compelling them to explain the ways they disagree with candidates wrongfully using their music. And on social media and in the culture at large, it's the politicians that typically end up on the wrong side of those stories.''
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