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Two Special Items in Museum's ''Goal-den Years'' Display

Written by Chief Editor.

On Saturday, the first of August, Watford Museum welcomed back visitors for the first time since closing its doors due to COVID-19. To celebrate, their Facebook page had a picture of Elton from the August portion of a 1978 calendar, which raised funds for the Hornets. In fact, this entire calendar was devoted to the luminary, who was photographed in various parts of the area.

The museum, which has put special safety measures in place, is limiting visiting times to start with Saturdays only and people are asked to book in advance. Among the offerings is an exhibit called Goal-den Years, which curator Sarah Priestley told this Web site about.
Among the highlights is a Terry Challis print, depicting Elton astride a giant hornet--as a way to depict the former chairman's hopes for Watford. There's also a  red, yellow and black outfit the former Reg Dwight wore in concert.
''I'm afraid I don't have a date or photo of Elton wearing it. It was purchased at auction by Watford Museum and the only details I can find was that it was made for Elton in 1984 by Ebony.
''It's on view permanently in a case, near the Terry Challis poster, in our Watford Football Club Gallery.''
She adds: ''Watford Museum is a local history museum that collects for the town of Watford in Hertfordshire and Watford Football Club, which is why we have the Sir Elton John stage costume and Terry Challis poster.''
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