Two Women Thrilled About Playing Part in Latest ''Rocket Hour''

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton wrote on Instagram that he's been playing HER Music on his show for three years now.

''She's on my bucket list of people to meet. It was great to finally chat with her on this week's Rocket Hour.''
The young performer, who was born 'Gabriella Wilson,' reacted on her Facebook page.
''Feels like a dream! I spoke with the legendary Elton John on Apple Music!''
Another singer-songwriter has written about being noticed by the pop luminary. 
On Friday, ahead of Saturday and Sunday's broadcast, Erin Enderlin posted: ''Sometimes things happen in this business that are so amazing, you wouldn't even think to dream them! Recently Rosanne Cash heard me song The Queen of Marina del Rey and she sent it to Elton John, yes Sir Elton John - and he has decided to play it this weekend!''
She added that she's ''incredibly honoured.''
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