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Rice And John Have Similar Feelings About ''Lion King'' Revamp

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton, who won an Oscar for his music on the original Lion King, has admitted not being a fan of last year's live action remake.
He called it a ''disappointment'' and felt the studio ''messed the music up.'' He thought that music was so much a part of the original, while the newer version didn't have the same impact.
''The magic and joy were lost,'' Elton concluded, and ''the new soundtrack fell out of the charts so quickly.''
His Lion King songwriting partner also was not impressed. Tim Rice tells Metro.co.uk that he wished he had opted for the World Cup instead of attending the London premiere. 
The 75-year-old admits he should have gotten more involved.
''I assumed rather stupidly that they would be keen to make the most of the material they already had. But they had so many commitments, they had other artists wanting to get their songs in. I think they should have probably got me and Elton to write some stuff first. I rather liked the reflective ballad Light Of The World. It's one of those songs that really grows on you. I can see why they thought 'oh, this is too serious and too heavy.' ''
So this didn't make it into the movie, while their other offering, Never Too Late, was accepted. But it appears over the credits, which Tim takes issue with.
''Those lyrics are strongly related to the story, but you wouldn't know it.''
He adds: ''I think we were very low on the food chain in that one. Whereas on the first film, we were involved right from day one, and it was very fun creating the songs, which really did well and they were very much part of the film being a success.''
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