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Star Reflects on a ''Journey'' That Began at The Troubadour

Written by Chief Editor.

The 25th of August will make it half a century since Elton gave his first American concert.

This was at West Hollywood's Troubadour Club. The entertainer shared his recollections with British GQ, and says he considers it a ''tragedy'' that smaller values like this could close permanently because of the coronavirus pandemic.
''Those places. venues, where you could smell the audience, are where I learned my craft, and if they go, where are artists going to play?'' 
While it seems like a different world now, sometimes it seems ''like nothing has changed. 
''I still get that surge of adrenaline before shows and in the studio. I still play gigs where I know I have to step up, where I have to deliver, the same way I felt before the Troubadour,'' which was ''the first big step on a journey that's still going on today.''
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