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Atlanta Music-Maker Discusses Admiration For John and Buckmaster

Written by Chief Editor.

In 2000, Collective Soul's Blender was released. Elton was featured on one track, Perfect Day. 

More recently, frontman Ed Roland was interviewed by Variety magazine, and the pop star's name came up.
Journalist Tim Greiving noted the orchestral elements and string arrangements on songs like the instrumental Prima Donna, and asked about Ed's influences ''in that regard,''
The vocalist said: ''Paul Buckmaster, who did all the early Elton John records--because Elton's my hero. And then, of course, George Martin with the Beatles. So I kind of followed that. Budget-wise, we couldn't have an orchestra like Paul did. But I studied how George did it, which was just to double an orchestra up, and it seemed to work good.''
Asked about a favourite Elton John song, in terms of string arrangements, Roland responded: ''That's a tough one. I mean, there's simple ones like Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word. I love Tonight, which is on the Blue Moves record, which gets overlooked. There's just too many. Paul was a crazy genius on strings.''
As for his thoughts on the movie Rocketman, Ed said that he liked it.
''You know, being such an Elton fanatic, the first time I saw it I was like well that songs wasn't written there. I was being a critic. And the second time I watched it, I enjoyed it. I got what they were going. It's more like a Broadway play--which I love. I think people should know Elton's an honest artist. And if you ever get to meet him, he's honest as the day is long, and he's a good dude. I wish they would have continued more into how he's giving back to communities, and how he's such a loving, caring man. But entertainment-wise, I enjoyed it.''
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