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Claims Made in High Court by Elton's Ex-Wife

Written by Chief Editor.

Renate Blauel took an overdose of anti-anxiety medication early in her marriage to Elton. This happened during their honeymoon in St Tropez, when the star told her the marriage wasn't working, and that he wanted her to leave. 

This all comes to light as the former sound engineer has launched a lawsuit against the rocker, claiming he broke the terms of their divorce deal. The 67-year-old objects to the depiction of their marriage in Elton's autobiography Me, and biopic Rocketman. A term of their divorce deal prevented either party from discussing the marriage publicly, although Colin West, who is on Elton's legal team, pointed out that Renate didn't object when the songwriter referred to it in the past.
When Elton's lawyers denied breaching the divorce agreement or causing ''psychological harm,'' Adam Wolanski, who is repressenting Renate, claimed that Elton had prior knowledge of his ex-wife's struggles with depression and anxiety, which got worse when the press became interested in her. One journalist even tried ''to locate her in her local village,'' causing her ''great anxiety.''
Renate says she has spent thousands of pound on therapy and treatment as a result.
The musician's lawyer, Jenny Afia, responded: ''Elton has always respected Renate's privacy and will continue to do so. It is well documented that their marriage was completely respectful and the relationship both Elton and Renate had after they divorced continued to be kind, respectful and honourable for the 30 years following,''
She added that she found it ''baffling'' that Blauel's case ''centred around privacy when at every stage of these proceedings Renate has chosen to file these claims in the public domain. This only goes to show the true purpose of their claim, which is to extract a large sum of money from Elton and tarnish his name publicly with falsehoods.''
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