Troubadour And Taupin Among Topics During BBC 6 Music Interview

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Elton has hinted to Matt Everitt on BBC 6 Music that he is helping the Troubadour, the L.A. club where he made his American debut 50 years ago yesterday. 

He said: ''I've heard that the Troubadour might be closing but I think it's going to be ok. We have to preserve venues like this. I heard about it in the springtime before I returned to England and I made a few phone calls. There are a few irons in the fire.
''If venues like that disappear then it's really grim stuff.''
The former Reg Dwight called it ''a great launch pad'' where he saw Cat Stevens when he did his first show in the U.S. 
He mentioned other establishments as well, saying: 'I know the lady who owns Ronnie Scott's and I'm sure she's going to put up a battle. You can't lose places like that. We lost the Marquee; the 100 Club is still going, but it's very difficult in this day and age with COVID to sustain.''
The COVID-19 crisis has also cut short Elton's farewell tour.
''We were halfway through and then that was it and we're on a hiatus. But we're no different to anybody else and, as hard as it is and as frustrating as it is for me and the band, it's much more frustrating for the people who are in the crew, who depend on their livelihoods for working like that.
''And you know it just rolls, trickles down to people who do the catering - everybody's affected by it and unfortunately we're going to be the last people to go back to work because we play in large venues.''
Asked about the reissue of the his eponymous album for Record Store Day, the composer said he no longer listens to his own LPs. He is more intrigued by ''what's coming next rather than what went by.'' 
He has more vinyl now than when he sold his album collection, Elton admitted. It brings back cherished memories of ''lying on the floor with Bernie {Taupin}, listening to Sgt Pepper and stuff like that.''
When restrictions are lifted, the headliner will be ''straight out there,'' but he's been staying occupied at home, including ''finishing off a couple of musicals that I've written.''
He added that he has a few lyrics from Taupin, ''which are wonderful, but I have no interest in being Elton at the minute. So I've been working with other people, which is fun, and staying away from me.''
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