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The Rocket Man Considers Late T. Rex Frontman a Role Model

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton recently spoke to the Guardian about Marc Bolan, who was just 29 when he perished in a car crash.

The songwriter said: ''He was the perfect pop star. His songs were great, his records rocked, he had attitude, he had performing skills, he looked fabulous, he dressed the part.
''At a time I was still becoming Elton John, he was a great role model. I thought, 'This guy doesn't give a f***, he's just being who he is and he's loving each single minute of it.' And that had a great effect on me.''
Years later when Elton met Prince, he was reminded of Marc because he was ''ethereal, very androgynous.''
He also recalled listening to T. Rex's Ride a White Swan.
''I thought, 'This is amazing.' It sounded like something that had come down from a spaceship; it was so out there.''
Elton appears with U2 on Bang a Gong (Get It On), part of a Bolan tribute album, Angelheaded Hipster, that's out today.
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