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Elton's Husband Reacts to Writer's Comments About Elijah And Zachary's Birth Certificates

Written by Chief Editor.

Germaine Greer recently spoke to the Daily Mail about Elton and David's sons.

She complained that the boys ''were born to two women, but David Furnish is the 'mother' on their birth certificates. How did we give this title up? Are we going to have a world where families can be all-male?''
The filmmaker responded on Instagram.
''Dear Ms Greer, I'll never understand what makes people like you publicly criticise something you clearly know nothing about. Isnt't there enough negativity in the world already?''
Contradicting Greer's remark about two females, the 57-year-old continued: 
''The extraordinary woman who carried both our sons is a private person. She's not a publicity seeking person like yourself.''
So they decided to remove the surrogate's name from the document to protect her identity.
David considers this to have been a wise move, ''as a journalist managed to illegally acquire a copy of our son's birth certificate from the registry office. A spectacular feat, given we hadn't even received the first copy ourselves.''
He added: ''The same newspaper that has run your misguided rantings also published the full details from that birth certificat online.
''May I respectfully ask you to butt out and mind your own business? This is a private family matter, for which you have no right to publicly level criticism.''
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