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Aborted '70s Project With Illustrious Contributors Has Been Released

Written by Chief Editor.

Pamela Polland is a singer and songwriter whose material has been covered by Linda Ronstadt and Helen Reddy.
She had an early '70s project called Have You Heard The One About The Gas Station Attendant?  It was recorded for Columbia Records and featured some of Elton's associates as well as backing vocals from Joan Armatrading and an appearance by Taj Mahal. Unfortunately, just as the album was ready to be released, Clive Davis, who had championed Pamela at every turn, lost his job.
In 2014, Pamela told this Web site that Davey Johnstone played on several cuts, ''as did the percussionist Ray Cooper. . . . A  great, creative player who was featured quite prominently. 
''On one track, The Clearing, Ray literally invented an instrument to give an otherworldly quality to this recording - he called it 'The Water Gong,' and basically brought a large Asian temple gong into the studio along with a huge vat of water, and submerged the gong while hitting it with a mallet to get the supernatural effect you hear on this cut.''
Have You Heard The One About The Gas Station Attendant, produced by Gus Dudgeon, with Del Newman providing orchestrations, was released last year by BGO Records.
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