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Through The Storm: The Latest News About ''Me''

Written by Chief Editor.

The Sun recently claimed that Elton will address his relationship with Rod Stewart in the paperback version of his autobiography.

A source told the paper that Rod's criticism of Elton's recent successes crossed the line beyond friendly rivalry. They also said that the piano player never received an email from Stewart. The latter has claimed that he invited Elton's sons to play football with his kids, but was ignored.
At any rate, Elton will definitely address another sort of storm in a new chapter of Me
In January, the headliner was ushered off the stage during his show in Victoria's Yarra Valley. Elton recalled the event, reading from his book on Instagram. He said it was a challenge trying to perform in the middle of the torrential downpour.
''I could hear screams in the crowd, there were picnic baskets and chairs in the air.''
Elton also confessed that he worried about his hairpiece flying off.
Overall. he thinks it's been quite a year.
''My film, my farewell tour. And just when I thought my life could not get anymore unbelievable, I went and won an Oscar.''
He added that the paperback edition, with its additonal chapter, is about ''everything that has made me laugh, cry, the friendships I have gained and even the odd tantrum.''
The book will be available on the 27th of October.
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