YouTube to Run ''17-11-70'' Salute Next Month

Written by Chief Editor.

It is nearly 50 years since Elton, Dee Murray and Nigel Olsson played a live radio broadcast from A&R Studios in New York City.

This culminated in the 17-11-70 album, or 11-17-70 in America.
Samuel Lupowitz, a keyboardist and singer/songwriter, plans to mark the occasion with a live recreation of the album, streamed via his YouTube channel. He'll be joined by the rhythm section of Michael Wu, bass player and singer, and drummer/vocalist Dan Collins. Dan Cole, who hosted Tuesdays with the Band for 11 years on Ithaca community radio station WVBR, will serve as MC and live sound engineer.
Lupowitz says: ''As we head into colder months and we continue to face the isolation and fear brought on by the pandemic and other world events, I will be proud to share some of my favourite music with you. This record has been one of the great influences on my musicianship over the years, and I'm honoured and excited to play these songs with this group of musicians.''
The tribute starts at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 17.
You can tune in here:
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