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Coming Up On The Anniversary of Elton's Dodger Stadium Shows

Written by Chief Editor.

On October 25th and 26th in 1975, Elton performed at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. It was the largest rock concert of its kind, and the first time a musician graced the venue since the Beatles in 1966.

There are now three photos from the event at Charitybuzz.com to bid on (through the 29th of the month). Proceeds from these autographed images benefit the Luanne Elise Foundation, which provides charitable grants, material goods or monies to individuals to promote personal growth and educational development.
Last year, Elton shared a previously unreleased video from the concert. In the clip, he performs The Bitch is Back, and one of his backing vocalists is Billie Jean King. And in September, the Royal Mail honoured the headliner with a new set of stamps, including iconic performances like the Dodger Stadium appearances.
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