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High Flying Bird: Heliport Visitors Album With Hundreds of Highly Sought Autographs to be Sold Soon

Written by Chief Editor.

How would you like to own a Battersea Heliport Visitors album from the seventies and eighties with autographs from the likes of Sir Elton; the Rolling Stones; David Bowie; Prince Charles; Frank Sinatra; Joanna Lumley; Glen Campbell; Margaret Thatcher; Paul Newman; Phil Collins; Julie Andrews; Bono; and Bob Geldof?

This is just a sampling of the more than 700 signatures, to be sold on the 29th of October, by Surrey's Ewbank Auctioneers.
Consigned by David Ward, the manager of the heliport at the time, this is ''an extraordinary collection--way beyond what you would find in even the most sought-after autograph albums,'' says Ewbank's specialist Alastair McCrea. ''That's because autograph hunters have to week out their heroes and get them to sign, but in this case the rich and famous simply passed by and added their names to its pages.''
It's part of Ewbank's auction of entertainment, memorabilia and movie props, and starts at 9:30 a.m.
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