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The Big Five-oh: Some Musical Milestones

Written by Chief Editor.

Fifty years ago, on October 26, Elton's first hit, Your Song, was released. And today makes it 50 years since the album, Tumbleweed Connection, came out.
In fact, there's now a jazz version of  one of the selections, Come Down in Time, not previously available, which folks can listen to at Udiscovermusic.com, and purchase. It was unearthed during archival research for Jewel Box, a collection of familiar and lesser known tunes, out November 13th.
Also looking back is Yusaf, better known as 'Cat Stevens.' The songwriter will soon mark the 50th anniversary of two albums, Mona Bone Jakon and Tea for the Tillerman. Both will be reissued as extensive super deluxe edition box sets on the fourth of December. The former will include two dozen previously unreleased songs, with an entire CD of unheard studio demos. Elton John fans may recall Lady D'Arbanville, which will be among the tracks. Elton covered this song, and it was later released on a compilation album titled Chartbusters Go Pop.
''Tillerman'' will offer 21 unreleased tracks and other rarities, such as a duet with Elton called Honey Man
Another 50th birthday celebration will take place from the first of November through the 30th of the month. In Concert 50 on BBC Radio 2 commemorates half a century of memorable pop music performances on the BBC. 
The shows from Elton, Fleetwood Mac, Seal and others, will be on BBC Sounds.
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