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Industry Insiders Anticipate Safe Return to Live Shows

Written by Chief Editor.

In September, Elton acknowledged that scientists are ''making great progress'' in their fight against COVID-19.

At the same time, he said, ''We are making big plans for a return to touring that will allow us to ensure the health and safety of everyone. I will be starting my tour again in Europe and the UK in the Fall of 2021. And I will be back in North America, starting in January 2022. This means my New Zealand dates will be postponed until 2023.''

Michael Chugg, head of Chugg Entertainment, thinks that as venues gradually reopen their doors, shows in major venues may be spread over the course of multiple nights in order to limit the number of people in a room at a time. 

Ticketmaster is also assessing the situation. It was believed that the company was developing a pandemic safety strategy using smartphones to confirm whether people have been tested or vaccinated for the coronavirus. However, Ticketmaster says on its Web site that any requirement of vaccination or negative test to attend concerts will be left up to the individual event organiser and local health guidelines.
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