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The Rocket Man is Referenced in Cliff Richard's ''The Dreamer''

Written by Chief Editor.

When Cliff Richard released his I'm Nearly Famous album in 1976, it caught on with a bevy of stars. Elton and Elizabeth Taylor were among those seen sporting I'm Nearly Famous badges, the pop veteran writes in his new autobiography.

The Dreamer: An Autobiography also has a bit about what it was like being a Rocket Records artist and years later doing a duet with the label's founder. The pair performed Slow Rivers on a TV show, and the date coincided with Cliff's birthday. So Elton presented him with an engraved gold Cartier watch, which he still is proud to show off.
The Devil Woman singer also discusses the nickname the piano player gave him.
Cliff was called ''Sylvia'' because he used to ring up the office each week, asking if his record had gone silver yet. So he got the name ''Sylvia Disc.''
The 80-year-old is candid about the bad times, too, like when he was falsely accused of sexual abuse. He says that Elton was among the first ones to call him, and knew what this was like, having also had false allegations appear in the media.
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