Late Promoter Began His Career Alongside Reginald Dwight

Written by Chief Editor.

On June 8, 2020, this Web site's Cheryl's Specials contained an interview with Doug Sanders, frontman of the Lambrettas, who were signed to Rocket Records. He mentioned that Eric Hall worked for Rocket Music, the publishing arm, ''and he took us under his wing at the time. He was always taking us out after gigs etc.''

Sadly, Eric has died after a short illness. 
Another label the 73-year-old was associated with was EMI. He was a publicist there when in 1976, he booked the Sex Pistols for The Today Show with Bill Grundy, which turned out to be an expletive-filled appearance. It was also at EMI that Hall first met Queen's Freddie Mercury. He claimed that the band's hit, Killer Queen, was written about him.
Eric, who began his career as a eecord company tea boy alongside Reg Dwight, went on to become a football agent, and in later years, a radio presenter.
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