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John Tells Mendes About The Downside of Fame

Written by Chief Editor.

Elton has interviewed Shawn Mendes in VMAN 45 magazine, ahead of the younger man's fourth studio album, Wonder, which is out on the fourth of December.

Besides Shawn's music, a special night in 2016 was brought up. That was when the former Reg Dwight played the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, where he was joined by Mendes for Tiny Dancer. He admitted to being scared to sing with the headliner, who responded:
''Please! You sang it so brilliantly, because you were so well prepared. And I was so impressed by that. I knew you were going to be intimated, and in the reverse situation, I would have been too. You were maybe 19 years of age at the time, but I can tell talent. 
''But I think it's really a danger, that people, when they get to be famous, live in a bubble. I've always tried to live out on stage, and I've never come back to my home and pretended to be Elton. Even more so now than I have a family and two children. I've never believed the myth. I think it's really good to be living in England because sometimes people idolise stars in America, and they put them on huge pedestals, and I think it's a dangerous situation. I've seen it happen to so many people, where they become trapped by their own persona and start to believe they are invincible. We're just human beings who play music and entertain people.''
Elton said he considers Shawn to be ''really down to earth.''
"You have so much magic about you, and you're a big star, but you're so humble. Success has not gone to your head.
''You're great as an artist because of your musicianship. You've been on tour, you've played with other musicians. You cannot do anything better for yourself as a musician, writer, vocalist. I haven't seen you perform live for a while, but I know you are capable of singing through the roof.''
Elton added: ''I know what's going to happen to you. It's already happened, but it's happening on your terms. I think it's really important for you to stress that. You are 22 and everything is happening on your terms. You've not being guided . . . that is the biggest asset you have.''
Shawn, in turn, asked Elton about his career.
The pop icon said he was 17 when he went on the road, backing the likes of Patti LaBelle and Major Lance.
''For about four or five years I did that, before I started to become Elton John.''
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