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More on Elton's SiriusXM Appearance

Written by Chief Editor.

As EJW previously reported, the Rocket Man was on Howard Stern's show last week.

Elton performed the Jim Reeves audition song he played for Liberty Records' Ray Williams. 
''That's what I played. I was looking for a record contract or a writing contract and obviously he thought, 'Who needs another Jim Reeves?' And there was a pile of lyrics on the table. . . . He just picked an envelope, gave it to me, I opened it on the train, and there it was Bernie {Taupin}.
''I could have been writing with Fred Smudge and it wouldn't have been Bernie, so Thank God for Ray Williams,'' he said.
Howard asked his guest if he ever wakes up with a song in his head. Elton said no, that the song comes to him once he receives the lyrics.
He explained how the name 'Tiny Dancer' led to thoughts of a California sound, while Philadelphia Freedom suggested Philly-style soul. All these years later, it's still exciting to get a lyric from Bernie. In fact, he said, ''I have 20 lyrics waiting to be written at the moment, I'm just not in the mood to write it.''
Elton doesn't play piano at home unless he gets a request from his sons.
''Why would I want to play? I play like 120 shows a year. . . . If you're in a bakery and you work five days, six days a week, what do you do? Come home and bake an apple pie straight away? No, you do not.''
Howard wanted to know if the entertainer felt any apprehension about going through old material for the Jewel Box collection.
''I very rarely look back and listen to my old stuff. I'm usually one of these people who looks forward to doing the next thing. This idea came about long before the pandemic arrived on our doorsteps, and it meant we had to go back and listen to things that--some of them--I can't even remember,'' was the response. ''I had a lot of trepidation because I thought, 'Oh, they're going to sound awful. They're going to sound terrible. What they do sound is naive and sweet. It's like an embryo.''
Elton explained that the demos--which are really sketches--are ''embryos of our relationship are songwriters.''
Jewel Box also contains Mr Frantic and Come Back Baby, for which Elton penned the lyrics.
''I wrote them in my first band Bluesology. I wasn't the singer, but the producer in the studio wanted me to sing because he didn't like the singer's voice,'' the 73-year-old recalled. ''They're awful songs, but they have to go on, warts and all. You listen to these songs and you go, 'Thank God he found Bernie Taupin.' ''
In spite of this, Howard praised the new box set.
''It's a jewel. It really is. It is brilliant. It's not good, it's brilliant.''
For audio and video of the interview, click below:
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