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Birds: Elton Says He Was Impressed By Gilmour's ''Featherhood''

Written by Chief Editor.

As announced previously, Elton will be speaking at the Hay Festival Digital Winter Weekend this Sunday at 8:30 p.m.

Ahead of his conversation with Arsene Wenger this weekend, the music-maker told GQ about a book he admires.
''Nothing I read this year touched me as deeply or profoundly as Charlie Gilmour's memoir Featherhood. I devoured the whole thing in a day, completely transfixed. It's not just that the story he has to tell is incredible, although it is--you really don't get many books about a son, abandoned by his father, ultimately finding peace and understanding through caring for a rescued magpie. It's that Charlie is a skilled, enchanting writer: about nature, about human relations, about loss.
''It's a moving, funny, ultimately uplifting book that brilliantly juxtaposes two relationships--one with a damaged human being, filled with pain and confusion; the other with a bird, filled with joy and wonder--and shows how redemption can turn up in the most unlikely forms.''
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