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Sir Elton's Hay Festival Appearance

Written by Chief Editor.

During Sunday's digital Hay Festival, Elton told former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger that Watford FC has given him ''so much, When I was a big star and a big musician it grounded me, because people who go to football, they'll tell you the truth. The fans will say, 'I don't like your new record, I wish you wouldn't look like that.' ''

Elton wasn't offended, saying, ''They didn't mean anything, it was just something that levelled me out. The passion of the crowds and the horrible things they said about me were part and parcel and it was wonderful.''

Having grown up nearly in Pinner, Elton says he is proud of how far his local club has come.

He said: ''We worked as a team and we got places because we were a team and I didn't just sit there saying, 'Here's another million quid--go and buy that player.' 

''It was a labour of love and we went places because we were professional about it and one of the most joyous things I've ever done. Aresene said about leading Arsenal out into the cup final, when we got to the cup final and played Everton I cried because when I took over Watford, we had two little grandstands and a greyhound track.
''If you go to the club now, it's a Premier League club with a 24,000 capacity and the current owners have made it very wonderful behind the scenes and I'm very proud.''
John and Wenger were interviewed over video call by Dylan Jones. The session will be available to watch for free until midnight at
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