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Made in Scotland: School Comes Up With ''Step Into Christmas'' Video

Written by Chief Editor.

A Larkhill primary school is making news for creating a new version of Step Into Christmas. Netherburn janitor Scott Weir stars as Elton. 

According to the Daily Record, teachers wanted to create a special video message for families and cheer them up after a difficult year for the community. One of the instructors joining the socially distanced dance-a-long was Clare Lewis.
''We are a small rural school, whom like many others have found this year a challenging one so we decided as a team to create a special video for our families who mean a lot to us.
''The staff just felt that after the difficult year we've had in school due to all the Covid restrictions, it would be a great way to spread some Christmas cheer to all our families in the community.''
She explained that they thought the words from Elton's song were perfect as a way of sending families a message letting them know ''we are there for them not only as a school to teach the children but at the heart of the community.''
Clare added: ''We missed doing our usual Christmas show and fayre like most other schools this year, so thought this was the next best thing.''
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