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''Surrogate Elton'' is ''Greatest Music of All Time'' Podcast's Most Recent Guest

Written by Chief Editor.

Did you know that Elton and his group rehearsed Island Girl for their farewell tour, but then didn't add it to the setlist?

That's one of the revelations in the latest Greatest Music of All Time podcast, which can be viewed on YouTube. The guest is Adam Chester, who Davey Johnstone has referred to as ''pretend Elton'' because he rehearses with the other musicians in the Rocket Man's absence.
Adam, whose own album The Water's Warm, can be found on streaming services such as Spotify, told the host, Tom Cridland, about 15 years of working with Elton's bandmates. He called himself a ''surrogate Elton'' and spoke of his admiration for Davey, Nigel Olsson, and Ray Cooper.
Cridland is a singer, songwriter, podcaster and fashion designer who has been appeared on this Web site's Cheryl's Specials a couple of times.
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