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Rod Says He And Elton Are Pals Again

Written by Chief Editor.

The Sun reports that Elton and Rod Stewart have patched things up.

Their relationship became strained after the latter called the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour a ''money-grabbing'' venture and suggested that the Rocketman movie didn't live up to the Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody.
But Rod decided to set a good example for his children by apologising. He admitted to being ''a bit spiteful'' on the Harry Rednapp Show podcast, adding:
''We've always been fierce enemies, as you know, through the years, but it's always been at a playful level. But we had the worst row, like a married couple. It went on forever.''
The 76-year-old also said, ''I do love him,'' while confirming they were mates once again.
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