Weird Al Talks About The Impact of ''GBYBR''

Written by Chief Editor.

EJW readers may recall an item about Weird Al Yankovic, who attended a Farewell Yellow Brick Road show at the Los Angeles Forum in 2019. In fact, he has said that his very first concert was Elton at that venue.

The performer recently discussed how much the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album meant to him. Journalist Eric Spitznagel asked how he felt about the music and artwork, and it's now part of a new book called Rock Stars on the Record: The Albums That Changed Their Lives.
Asked which track he played most, Yankovic believes it was Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding. He figured out how to play Funeral For a Friend on his accordion and thinks he felt a connection with Elton because ''he played the piano, and since I played the accordion--the right half of which is a piano keyboard--it was fairly easy for me to emulate him.''
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