JUST IN: Elton, Davey, Nigel, And John Set to Help Hillsides Charity

Written by Chief Editor. has learned that the Rocket Man will kick off a fundraiser with a pre-recorded video message.

This will be on behalf of Hillsides' virtual gala event, to be held on Saturday, February 27th.
As previously announced, three of Elton's bandmates are on the Honorary Committee of the benefit for this nonprofit in Pasadena, California, which helps children deal with mental health issues and trauma. What's more, Davey Johnstone, John Mahon, and Nigel Olsson are also featured in the auction. 
You can bid on virtual 30-minute meet-and-greets with either Davey or John, or try to win a signed drumhead from Nigel.
''It is really quite nice and very touching of Sir Elton John to support Hillsides in such a generous way,'' Carrie Espinoza, the organisation's Chief Advancement Officer, told EJW. 
She also said they have been fortunate to have members of Elton's group involved with Hillsides and this major fundraiser for many years.
You can register to bid here:
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