Pop Veteran Talks to Young Soul Singer

Written by Chief Editor.

On the latest installment of Rocket Hour, Elton spoke with Celeste, and told her he can hear many different influences in her music.

''You're like a sponge. You aren't just influenced by soul music, you're influenced by other types of music. Did you ever like Minnie Riperton?''
The 26-year-old replied that she loves Riperton and believes she managed to keep her ''integrity'' while working on her debut album, Not Your Muse, which topped the Official Albums Chart earlier this month.
Elton said he thinks her instincts are ''absolutely right'' and doesn't think she is ''necessarily a chart person.
''But I think after the album's been to number one, you should do what you want to do. You know what you can sing best and what brings out the best in you. You're a young artist. It will come. This is your first record. Just soak it in, be proud. And then as the next record comes, you can be more assertive about what you want, but the album is fantastic on its own merits anyway.''
You can listen to the interview here:
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