Tony King's Star-Studded Career

Written by Chief Editor.

The March 2021 issue of British GQ has an interview with ''the King Behind The Thrones.'' That's Tony King, who talks a lot about Elton and John Lennon.

The Englishman, who has been a gofer, publicist, publicist and A&R man, says he set up a number of early sessions of the former Reg Dwight. He alludes to recordings with the likes of the Bee Gees, Status Quo, Moody Blues, Cat Stevens, and the Hollies. 
Tony, admired by Elton for his love and knowledge of popular music and creative vision, also talks about his involvement with the famous Madison Square Garden concert in 1974 at which Lennon appeared, and coming on board for shows years later. In fact, he was working with Elton when Covid struck. So when the Rocket Man resumes his tour, the 78-year-old hopes to be back on the road as well. 
You can check out the interview here:
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