Mayes And Littlemore on Working With The Rocket Man

Written by Chief Editor.

Peter Mayes and Nick Littlemore--also known as Pnau--recently discussed how they got the opportunity to update some of Elton's tunes and create a remix that's been hitting charts worldwide.

The former told Variety ( that the former Reg Dwight discovered them in Australia around 2007. ''We even moved to London and took up with his management company at the time. . . . We did an album with Elton that came out in 2012 {Good Morning to the Night} and it went No. 1 in the UK, which was a great moment for us. Then Elton was like, 'do you wanna do some more' and we {still} had a lot of his vocals that we hadn't really touched upon, and a lot of the vocal tracks we had were huge iconic Elton John hits and we'd sort of stayed away from them on the previous album intentionally, as we wanted to unearth a lot of lesser known Elton records and vocals then.''
The trio {Sam Littlemore, Nick's brother, is the third member of Pnau} decided this time around to use vocals from Sacrifice, mashed up with Kiss the Bride and Rocket Man
With the popularity of streaming, they wanted to have ''a big single, so I guess we tried harder to use the big Elton vocals this time around,'' explained Peter. 
Nick admitted that producing the medley was a challenge. 
''Weaving the vocals together, making both the melodies and lyrics gel as one was one of the most challenging parts of making Cold Heart. Often, I leave the song on loop, walk out of the room, and when I come back in, I instantly know if it's 'right,' if that emotion is driving the music deep into me . . . it's always keeping the emotions ripe, that's the intention.''