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Sir Elton has started championing an Australian teenage singer and says the rising star makes him feel like quitting music.

The rock veteran played  Ruel’s Don’t Tell Me on his Beats 1 radio show on September 5.

“From Australia, this is a 14-year-old boy … with an amazing track,” Elton remarked.

“It’s astonishing someone so young can write something so good. I give up.”

He gushed: “Amazing record. Wow. All I can say about that is, we’ll be playing more of him, I hope.”

Ruel’s manager Nate Flagrant responded: “We were pretty amazed … The first song Ruel ever learnt was (Elton’s 1973 hit) Crocodile Rock.”

Since his debut single, Golden Years, in April, and new track Don’t Tell Me, the teenager has had record label meetings in the UK, US and Europe.