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50 Craziest Pop Stars of All Time
Posted by webmaster

Elton squeezed into the list at number 50

Friday 19
March 2004 @ 4:38

The April 2004 issue of Blender magazine has an article on the “50 Craziest Pop Stars of All Time“. Elton squeezed into the list at number 50. Here’s what Blender had to say:

50. Sir Elton John
Candle in the wind. Supersize portions of cocaine up the nose

Case History: Alcoholism, consumerism, eating disorders and snorting fat piles of womble dust have all contributed to the legend of the piano diva. Touring Germany in the ’70s, he phoned his agent and demanded he do something about the wind outside that was keeping him awake.
Craziest Moment :In denial, gay Elton married his female sound engineer Renate Blauel in 1984.
He’s So Crazy :“They can say I’m a fat old c**t, they can say I’m an untalented bastard, they can call me a poof, but they mustn’t tell lies about me.”

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