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As previously reported, Engelbert Humperdinck‘s latest album consists of duets with an impressive array of stars, Elton among them.


Engelbert recently revealed that the record’s title was inspired by Elton, who had said that when he was a struggling songwriter he’d hoped “that one day an Engelbert Humperdinck would call and take one of my songs.” 

The 77-year-old explained: “So we finally called, and that’s why we called the album Engelbert Calling, and Elton John was the first to answer.” Indeed, Elton quickly wrote a ”nice letter,” besides sending him orchids.

Many of the songs on the album are new versions of tunes that either were hits for Humperdinck or for the artists with whom he has teamed up.  Such is the case with Something About The Way You Look Tonight, which Elton released in the nineties.

Engelbert hopes a few of his recording partners will join him in concert at some point. In July, the crooner appeared in Australia, where he did a virtual duet with Elton. 

Engelbert Calling was released in Great Britain on March 17. Only out for 9 hours, it came in at #3 on the HMV chart.