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Since Elton is so well-known for his huge array of sunglasses, Clash decided this was a bit of an obvious route to go down, instead opting to focus on the luminary’s spectacular hat collection.


The magazine paid homage to this by commissioning a variety of hats, exclusively made from a range of milliners.

Charlie Tuesday Gates from Mind Like Magpie, who took inspiration from the man’s personal style says, “When I first heard I was making an Elton inspired hat I thought shit, this living legend has had some incredible pieces grace his head. How was I supposed to compete with that?”

Charlie explains how she formed the idea to create her flamboyant hat:  “I listened to ‘Yellow Brick Road’ about 50 million times, looked at the mood board again and again and stripped my favourite looks down, choosing key elements of certain hats to focus on and then pimped the ideas back up from scratch. Ideas like Bob Mackie‘s pink creation, where Elton sang opposite Miss Piggy and his amazing green ensemble.”

Zara Gorman and William Chambers kept their designs a bit more classic and considered the musician’s fondness for caps and boaters. Zara explains, “My design was inspired by the various caps worn by Elton John during the 1970s yet with a contemporary twist.”

She continues, “I also explored the album covers of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and A Single Man, considering the undulating brick road and Elton John’s love of cars. The top leather layer features multiple panels reminiscent of a Baker Boy style cap which are stitched together like seats of a car interior, contrasted with a contour of high shine Perspex inspired by a classic car. Underneath this smooth exterior lies a third cap, made from cashmere and based on a more traditional design providing a contrast between past and present.” 

You can out the full shoot in the current issue, which can be ordered at