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A Big-Screen Treatment For The Inspiration Behind Elton’s ”Caribou” Album
Posted by editor_usa

Tuesday 15
January 2013 @ 16:10

After wrapping a feature about CBGB, New York’s legendary punk club, Randall Miller and Jody Savin are hoping to keep the music going with a new project, this one on famed recording studio Caribou Records.


Titled Caribou Records, the movie aims to tell the story of the music studio run by James William Guercio in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Guercio was a record producer who also managed Chicago. From around 1971 to 1985, when a fire destroyed the studio, Caribou was the site of recordings by the likes of Elton, Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh and Amy Grant.

The filmmakers will work with Guercio on the picture, mining his stories, and the music man will serve in a producer capacity. 

Miller told the Hollywood Reporter they gravitated to Guercio because of his maverick personality.

He left Hollywood to go to the wilds of Colorado and put everything on the line, said Miller. Everyone thought he was nuts. But all these artists — from John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Elton John, the Beach Boys — came out there. Hes basically this young guy who had a crazy dream.

Filming is expected to start in Colorado this summer.