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A Bigger Bang
Posted by editor_usa

Elton Made Over Fifty Million Dollars in One Year

Friday 21
September 2007 @ 15:47

When it comes to picking up royalty checks, music veterans like the Rolling Stones and Sir Elton are among the winners, according to Forbes‘ Web site.

The Stones came in ahead, earning $88 million from June 2006 until June of this year, thanks largely to their Bigger Bang tour.

#2 was Jay-Z, followed by Madonna and Bon Jovi.

Next was Elton, grossing $53 million, ahead of Celine Dion‘s $45 million.

The lower end of the Top 10 saw 50 Cent lead U2 and Diddy – previously known as Puff Daddy, P Diddy and just plain Sean Combs.

“Pop music has long been a young person’s game. But when it comes to pocketing the biggest returns, oldsters rule,” Forbes said of the list, adding that while record sales were crucial, touring was the real money spinner.

“The really serious money comes from touring. And no one can pull in the big bucks like an older, established music act,” it said.

Helping to drive the big earnings were high ticket prices.

What’s more, most artists in the compilation owed some of their income to alternative sources, not just relying on album sales and touring.

“They also exploit the power of their brand name to push other products. That can be as simple as selling ring tones and fan merchandise or locking up lucrative sponsorship deals,” Forbes observed.