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A Bit Off Kilter
Posted by editor_usa

Stsr-Studded Auction Fails to Draw Buyers

Thursday 11
May 2006 @ 17:39

A Celebrity auction proved a flop with ”not a single Midland punter willing to stump up cash” for kilts personally designed for Sir Elton, the May 11, 2006 Birmingham Mail reported.

Auctioneers had hoped the lot would pull in bids of at least £400.

But the kilts, made to measure for the star by Gianni Versace, failed to impress customers at the Bonhams sale, in Station Road, Knowle.

The lot was on offer to raise cash for the EJAF, but this was not to be.

And there was disappointment for Pearly King Of Peckham, George Major, whose 1960s costume also proved a no-go for shoppers.

That was despite turning up to the auction dressed in the costume – a green jacket and cord trousers decorated with mother of pearl buttons, which belonged to Victor Nutley, London’s youngest Pearly King who was crowned at the age of 15 in 1963. It was expected to sell for up to £2,600.

George followed the family tradition of costermongering and inherited the title of ”Pearly King of Peckham” from his grandfather.

Even as a young man, George was a well-known character in Peckham, famous for scams.

Many believe he is the inspiration behind the character Del Boy from the hit television programme, Only Fools and Horses.

A spokeswoman for the auction said: “I have no idea why there was no interest in the Elton kilts, but perhaps we’ll still have someone put in an offer.”