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A Chance to Hear–And Meet–Elton
Posted by editor_usa

Thursday 16
June 2005 @ 22:21

How would you like to see the Billy Elliot musical, then fly from London to see the Red Piano show in October?

One lucky person can win just that by entering a contest sponsored by Watford and Mercury Records. In addition, he or she will have a chance to meet the man himself, and get one night’s twin accommodation at a West End hotel and three nights at Caesars.

Five others have an opportunity to nab Billy Elliot tickets and spend one evening at a West End hotel.

Interested parties must know which musical Electricity is from, and enter the draw by texting ELTON A, ELTON B or ELTON C to 81330 . . .

A) The Lion King

B) Aida

C) Billy Elliot

Please be advised that SMS entries are subject to a 1.50 pound charge by your mobile supplier.