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A miniseries about Molly Meldrum will soon be screened on TV. But the broadcaster and journalist plans to flee Australia when that happens.

“I don’t want to be here when they show it. It will be too raw and scary for me to watch it,” Molly, a longtime friend of Elton’s, told the Herald Sun.

“I want to be away in Thailand or Cuba. If none of those countries will take me, I’m talking to George Miller, who directed Happy Feet, and I’ll go down to Antarctica.”

However, Molly himself reportedly chose Samuel Johnson to play the lead.

“I really cannot think of anyone else who could even try to play me,” he stated.

As well as donning the trademark cowboy hat, Johnson has watched old Countdown episodes to better understand Meldrum’s speech patterns and mannerisms.

Molly, which is expected to air in February, is based on Meldrum’s hit book The Never, Um … Ever Ending Story, released last year, which was written with Jeff Jenkins.

Actors will play music-makers involved with Meldrum and Countdown including Elton, Kiss, Madonna, and John Paul Young, and will recreate iconic interviews and episodes from the influential TV show.