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All the Young Girls and Boys Love Nigel
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Nigel Olsson’s Day at the Races for Children’s charity

Monday 7
July 2003 @ 4:43

Nigel Olsson has played drums with Elton John on and off since 1969.

But he’s also an avid racing car driver, as Nigel fans who have read our interviews with him (Backstage area) will know.

He races vintage cars and owns a Mini Cooper, which is heard at the end of Elton’s, All the Young Girls Love Alice.

But this time, it’s all kids stuff.

Nigel will drive a pace car — a 1996 Ferrari F355 Spyder — giving rides on July 11, 2003 to kids from the Children’s Cancer Association, a beneficiary of the race.

It;s all taking place as part of the second-most popular event at Portland International Raceway calendar. The event takes place on July 11-13, 2003.

In addition to a field of about 200 race cars, the weekend is noted for its low-key ambiance, which allows fans to get close to multimillion-dollar one-of-a-kind machines, parked so photography is encouraged. Owners are usually close by and eager to talk about a car’s pedigree.

Almost 700 non-racing cars will be on display in the track’s paddock, where car clubs wage an undeclared competition to see who can bring the most chrome-laden street machines to the track.