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A Look at Elton’s Weta Workshop Figurine
Posted by editor_usa

Monday 18
December 2006 @ 16:54

Elton with his special Weta gift

Sir Elton John with his Weta gift

 Eltonjohnworld readers will recall that the star recently received a special present from Weta Workshop on his recent trip down under

Wetas early 70s music aficionado /sculptor Eden Small couldnt believe his ears when he was asked to embark on one of his latest projects: to sculpt a miniature statue of  the pop sensation (pictured below).

The piece that Eden Small sculpted

Im a real fan of Eltons earlier work, says Eden. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Bennie and The Jets are two of my favourites and anything from his Tumbleweed Connection album.”

Earlier this month, Elton was in Wellington to perform his first New Zealand concert in 22 years. He was presented with the final product by Wetas Richard Taylor and Tania Roger before the show (pictured below).

Elton, Tania and Richard

Eden says it gave him a great sense of accomplishment to see the final model after it was painted. I had to look through 48 pages of images on the web just to find one where he wasnt wearing glasses to get his eyes just right, he remembers. When we put the glasses on him, I was stoked – I thought finally it really looks like Elton!