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Posted by editor_usa

News About The Rocket Man’s Eyewear

Monday 19
September 2011 @ 16:52

A few months ago, this Web site’s Cheryl Herman ran an Exclusive with Regina Davis.

She’s the daughter of Hans Fiebig, who co-founded the Sunset Strip’s famous (but now defunct) Optique Boutique.

”Having helped Elvis Presley with his special requests, Steve McQueen, Peter Sellers and Elton soon followed,” said Davis.

”With the singer’s creative ideas and my father’s know-how, it was an amazing time.”

Results ranged from miniature windshield wipers to stars and clouds.

In fact, a pair called Stars And Stripes can be seen next month in Basel. They will be in the Celebrity Section of an exhibit about visual aids.

Others on loan from Elton include Caribou, Peach With Pearl, Pink Geometric, Piano Keys, Watford and Black With Cherubs.

The Doll’s House Museum show runs from October 15, 2011 through April 9, 2012.