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Michele Ardu is a photographer who, with a background in Biomedical Engineering, has started experimenting with ways to break the limits of human senses. This has led him to MUSICA, a collection of ‘Sound Portraits’ which allows the audience to experience music and sound via the ”sight sense instead of the hearing one.”


Ardu adds: By intercepting the sound, before its energy is transformed or dispersed, I was sure I could witness the effects of sound waves with a natural malleable element. Because of its filiform nature, the smoke lends itself to the music’s self portrait, like a statuary marble column in the hands of a sculptor.”
The titles come from popular compositions. One is Elton’s Candle in The Wind. Bryan Adams, Michael Jackson, Queen, Plnk Floyd, and the Rolling Stones are represented too.
Scroll down the list of artists at to view Ardu’s work.