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Louis Briel was an artist who sent Elton a portrait of Princess Diana after she died in 1997.


The 75-year-old, who suffered a stroke in 2012, had his work displayed at the National Portrait Gallery and the U.S. Capitol. The Virginian wrote a couple of novels, but was best known for his paintings. He died on January 20th, shortly after the opening of a new exhibit. The retrospective includes a giclee print of the aforementioned Lady Di picture gifted to the former Reg Dwight. According to Briel’s blog, the original accompanied Elton on his 1997-98 World Tour and was part of a 2007 book called Diana in Art, compiled by Mem Mehmet.
You can see the Princess Diana image, as well as others–such as Presidents George Washington and John F. Kennedy; Salvador Dali; Keanu Reeves; Rudolf Nureyev; and even a dog at