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Anastacia to step in for Elton John
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Elton pulls out as Tour takes toll

Tuesday 12
February 2002 @ 19:53

Anastacia has stepped in to replace Elton John at the Brit Awards ceremony in London.

Elton recently announced that he would not be able to perform his planned duet with Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay because he added several extra dates to his Face To Face tour with Billy Joel. Now the Chicago-born, New York-raised Anastacia will duet with Jay Kay at London’s Earls Court Two on February 20, 2002, although the pair are not revealing in advance which song they will perform.

Anastacia first duetted with Elton on his Greatest Hits Live shows in Madison Square Garden, New York, on October 21-22, 2002, subsequently made into an album.

And John Jorgenson told us she was Californian, like him!