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Angry fan demands show money goes to charity
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Powderham Castle fan unhappy to pay £60 for no Elton

Monday 11
August 2003 @ 2:09

A dissatisfied Elton John fan who attended the star’s concert at Powderham Castle last month is calling for the estate to make a donation to charity reported the Express & Echo in Devon on August 9, 2003.

Roger Pugsley enjoyed the July 22, 2003, concert, which attracted 14,000 people. But he was annoyed that he could not see the stage or the artist, despite paying £60 for a ticket.

Mr Pugsley, 64, of Barley Lane, Exeter, now wants the Powderham estate at Kenton to compensate him, and other tickets holders, by making a donation to a charity.

He said: “I was thoroughly disappointed by the event organisation from start to finish.

“After paying the high price of admission, I should at least have been able to see the artist.

“Imagine purchasing a first class ticket from an airline only to be told on boarding that you have to travel in economy.

“I would like the estate to consider donating the difference of cost of tickets for, at a guess, 2,000 spectators to a deserving charity instead of pocketing the proceeds for what was a seriously below par performance by the organising committee.” Mr Pugsley, who went to the concert with his wife, Betty, and four friends, was also angered that he was forced to park near Starcross and the group had to walk with their picnic to the concert.

He said: “The programme, as far as the artist was concerned, was excellent, it was such a shame that the organisation did not live up to, or even approach, the same.” He was equally dissatisfied with the toilet facilities.

He said: “The number of toilets were far from adequate for the numbers attending.

“Their state left a lot to be desired with queues extending 70 yards for each just prior to the commencement of the concert with a waiting time of at least 20 minutes.

“Whoever did the sums got it entirely wrong.”

The Powderham estate was yesterday unavailable for comment.

[Ed. We sympathise with any fan who pays and does not get delivery. But spare a thought for fans who pay a lot more, sometimes double this fee, and still get a so-so seat. The worst situation at the venue, according to reports, was in fact the mele that accompanied those exiting to claim their cars home!]