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Animal Magnetism
Posted by editor_usa

Musical Acts to Help Pet Organisation

Friday 5
May 2006 @ 16:52

Some of Britain’s top performers have added their support to a campaign by a Plymouth animal charity, the Western Morning News has announced.

Elton, Take That, Status Quo, Oasis and James Blunt are some who have donated or pledged items. And the Kaiser Chiefs have handed over the signed set list from their Plymouth Pavilions gig to be auctioned for the city branch of the PDSA.

The auction is planned for December and will be held at live music venue The Hub.

The PDSA People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals – provides free veterinary services for the pets of needy owners.

For more details, contact Ellie Hopton on 0779 2844 8274.

Coincidentally, Elton’s name came up on a survey of popular pet names, released in January by the PDSA. Here are the results:

Top Celebrity Canine Names:
1) Churchill
2) Becks
3) Diddy
4) Dido
5) Elton 

Top Celebrity Couple Canine Names:
1) Posh and Becks
2) Coleen and Wayne
3) Tom and Kate
4) Peter and Jordan
5) Jude and Sienna

Top Celebrity Feline Names:
1) Jordan
2) Beyonce
3) Einstein
4) Dido
5) Jlo

Top Celebrity Couple Feline Names:
1) Peter and Jordan
2) Posh and Becks
3) Tom and Kate
4) Jlo and Marc
5) Elton and David

Most Popular Rabbit Name:
1) Becks
2) Rabbie Burns