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An Update on ”Ultimate Elton”
Posted by editor_usa

Thursday 19
April 2012 @ 16:15

Paul Bacon, who sings many of the Rocket Man’s hits in his Ultimate Elton tribute act (and whose recent performance with Kiki Dee is discussed in yesterday’s ”Bacon and Epps”) has just spoken with EJW about his career.


EJW: Your Web site has a very engaging version of the I’m Still Standing video. Where was it filmed, and have you come out with other videos?


PB: The “I’m Still Standing” video was shot in Bournemouth and Poole, on the south coast of England. Our budget didn’t stretch to the South of France!

I haven’t produced any more videos at the moment as we have been busy performing live, however, we have discussed making some more and indeed we did make a start on a video of “Your Song” shot in and around Pinner and Northwood Hills etc. Perhaps we may finish it one day!

EJW: Do other members of your group portray ”Nigel,” ”Davey” etc.?


PB: The band has gone through some forced changes recently. Sadly our guitarist, Chris Williams, died suddenly after a short illness and we’ve therefore had a change of personnel. Chris did bear a resemblance to Davey Johnstone and indeed did wear a wig to complete the look. Our new guitarist, also called Chris, hasn’t gone quite that far yet. So as a band we are still coming to terms with what has happened, but we are moving forward.

EJW: Tell us about your own musical skills.


PB: I don’t write my own songs and indeed I have very limited piano skills (I actually play the drums!). I rely on my excellent keyboard player, Grant, to play Elton’s parts.

EJW: You are based in England. Have you played outside the UK as well?


PB: I have appeared in Norway as well as throughout the UK. There are opportunities to visit Europe and possibly Canada in the pipeline, so that would be exciting.

EJW: To help look the part, you own some items once owned by Elton. Where did you get them?


PB: I have three suits that I bought at the Out The Closet sale in London in 2009, including two silk Versace suits that I sometimes wear on stage.


Paul is wearing a red outfit, previously Elton’s, below.